• Avoid direct sunlight. This stops UV damage or fading of darker shaded products
  • Shake rugs, cushions, bean bags regularly, if it can handle a shake, liven it up!
  • Dry vacuum rugs regularly
  • Attend to spills and stains as promptly as possible
  • Remember not to rub, brush or massage wool skin products when they are damp or wet

Q : How do I clean my sheepskin?

~Dogs, pets and children all love sheepskin, but rest assured small stains and light soiling can be spot cleaned easily with a damp cloth and mild detergent. For a more thorough clean, and to gain the best result, dry-cleaning is recommended.

Vacuum on a regular basis to reduce amounts of washing. Machine or hand wash with COOL water on DELICATE CYCLE with EUCALAN soap. A towel can be added to the wash to balance the load (not your  favourites) When sheepskin is still wet baby oil may be rubbed onto the leather backing (not fur) to put oils back into the rug. Lay flat to NATURALLY DRY turning occasionally and allow both sides to dry (drying time can be 2-3 days) Please note that machine or hand washing may affect the appearance of the natural wool fibers and the leather pelt.


When skin is COMPLETELY dry it may be brushed with a wire brush

Q. How do I know what the correct size is when buying sheepskin shoes or slippers?

~ Sheepskin shoes and slippers come in full sizes only. If one is a half size or less one normally takes the lower full size. If one runs a half size or larger one normally goes to the next higher size.

Sheepskin shoes will stretch. A good fit is nice and firm- almost to the point of feeling a little uncomfortable without your toes curling down in front. The shoes will mold to your feet within a couple of days of wearing them.

Q. Do you have any deals for locals?

If you live in Kelowna and want delivery on the “CHECKOUT” page enter the magic word in the “COUPON CODE” and I will deliver to your address. (West Kelowna – Lake Country)

Q. What is the difference between WOOL and SHEEPSKIN?

~Wool is the fur from the sheep, sheered, or shaven off and sewn or placed onto a backing.  Sheepskin is the wool still attached to the hide of the sheep and tanned appropriately.

Q. Who do you ship with?

We ship within Canada with Canada Post.

Q. Is there warranty on my slippers?

~ We warranty the integrity of manufacturing for everything we sell and we will repair or replace the product at our discretion within 30 days from the day of purchase with proof of purchase.

We do not warranty against damage caused to any product during cleaning – whether by home washing or professional care — since we cannot control what is being done. Cleaning results will be different because of many factors, including amount of use, age of the product, exposure to heat and sunlight, water hardness, etc.

Damage caused by wear and tear or misuse of any product is not covered by this warranty.

Q. Can I Exchange?

~We would be happy to exchange any clean and unworn product with tags still attached in original packaging. Sale items are a final sale. Please email sheepskinboutique@gmail.com for all exchanges.