About Sheepskin

Sheepskin Boutique’s products are mainly made from New Zealand and Australian sheep. In New Zealand and Australia, once the sheep are used for their meat, the skins are subsequently washed and tanned and ready to be used for all kinds of superb purposes. Once sheepskin is tanned into washable skin, it can be made into clothing or even into comforting items for many people affected by various medical conditions. 

Sheepskins helps prevent bed sores for bedridden patients. 
Placing a sheepskin under the patient will literally put them on an air cushion of pure comfort.  The wool allows air to circulate through it and thus continually takes pressure points off the patient 

Sheepskins are wonderful for babies 
The soft sensation of the wool against their skin is soothing and keeps them warm and dry. 

Sheepskins bring comfort to burn victims 
The wool fibres move with every movement from the patient so there is less chance of tearing the skin; the sheepskin also allows air circulation, which helps in the healing process. 

Sheepskin insoles are great for diabetics 
Sheepskin insoles are truly a healing product. Diabetics often have circulatory issues which can cause them a lot of problems. Sheepskin insoles in their shoes will allow for better circulation through the feet. 

Please remember that sheepskin would be wasted and thrown in the garbage if not tanned into usable washable skins good for our world!!!

Sheepskin products offer us comfort and warmth – at the Sheepskin Boutique, we just love our sheepskins!!!!!