Medium SADDLE Seat 16″ X 13.5″


Made from 100% Sheepskin. This is a surface pad only, not an upholstered item. The saddle size is a triangular shape and tied on using a leather strap and is adjustable. The underside is left natural exposed leather to create additional friction and keep from sliding around on the seat. Sheepskin is a washable material so it is ok to get wet in the rain however it is suggested to remove and let dry.

Medium SADDLE Seat : 16″ X 13.5″

Long hair is average 2.5 inches in length

Sheared is average 1 inch in length

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Motorcycle Seat Cover

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 16 × 10 cm

Sheared Black, Sheared Grey, Black, White, Navy, Grey, Grey w/Black Tip, White w/Grey Tip, White w/Brown Tip, Red w/Black Tip, Harley