OBLONG Seat 12.5″ X 18″


Made from 100% Sheepskin. This is a surface pad only, not an upholstered item. The Oblong size is a long and skinny shape of a sheepskin and tied on using a leather strap and is adjustable. This one is great for the sport or dirt bike style seat. The underside is left natural exposed leather to create additional friction and keep from sliding around on the seat. Sheepskin is a washable material so it is ok to get wet in the rain however it is suggested to remove and let dry.

OBLONG Seat : 12.5″ X 18″

Long hair is average 2.5 inches in length

Sheared is average 1 inch in length

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Motorcycle Seat Cover

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 16 × 10 cm

Sheared Black, Sheared Grey, Black, White, Navy, Grey, Grey w/Black Tip, White w/Grey Tip, White w/Brown Tip, Red w/Black Tip, Harley